Hypnobirthing the KG methodHypnoBirthing classes are birth preparation classes for expectant parents who would like to feel confident and calm about the birthing process and who wish to experience a happy, peaceful and comfortable birth.

HypnoBirthing classes are often misunderstood and frequently met with scepticism and a ‘does it work?’ What Hypnobirthing actually entails is showing couples that there is another way to birth that is polar opposite to the horrifying scenes you may have seen on TV

Hypnobirthing classes reconnect Mothers with their birthing instinct by teaching them to trust in their bodies. They arm couples with a wealth of information about what to expect and how to remain calm and comfortable and they empower couples to make informed decisions about the arrival of their baby.

couple holding bump

The classes are based on biology, science and facts. Women’s bodies are perfectly designed to give birth and all women have an inbuilt knowledge, an instinct, of how to give birth. Birth in the UK has become so medicalised and women are often so anxious that these natural instincts become buried underneath fear, pain and unnecessary drugs.

Maddy is a member of the Hypnobirthing Association http://www.thehypnobirthingassociation.com
and is further qualified having given birth peacefully to both her children at home using hypnobirthing.

Maddy runs private and group classes at the Wellbeing Centre in Newbury http://www.newburywellbeing.com and at her home on Hungerford High Street. The course is approximately ten hours long and can be divided into 4 x 2.5hr sessions or 2 x 5 hr sessions.

Please contact Maddy for details on the next class dates and see Contacts and Costs for more information.