Fertile Body Method

Fertile Mind. Fertile Body. The Fertile Body Method combines hypnosis and other mind-body approaches to help identify and address the mental, emotional and physical factors which affect fertility and reduce the negative effects of infertility.

Approximately one in six couples in the UK are having problems conceiving and many of them are actively seeking help. There are many possible factors that affect fertility which is why an integrated approach combining physical, mental and emotional interventions is more likely to produce positive results and help make fertility problems much easier for people to cope with. The role of the mind and the emotions in fertility is a vital one that is often overlooked.

Hypnosis is one of the most effective tools for helping the mind to support the body to conceive and give birth, as well as to help people to cope better with the experience of infertility.

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Some of the ways Maddy helps fertility clients are demonstrated below:

To resolve

Clients often arrive with conscious or unconscious resistance to conception that need resolving, for example fear of childbirth, past trauma or relationship anxieties. Infertility itself can result in many negative emotions such as fear, guilt, jealousy, hopelessness and anxiety. The stress many couples experience can create a hostile environment for conception and Maddy helps clients to resolve these issues using the Fertile Body Method, Solution Focused Therapy and Hypnotherapy.



Maddy is an accredited Fertile Body Method Practitioner. For further information on the Fertile Body Method please visit:

To Prepare

Preparation for conception often includes mental, physical and emotional changes such as changes in lifestyle and diet, preparing for parenthood, learning to reduce stress levels and manage negative self talk or improving Intimacy and sexual relationships. Perhaps clients need to prepare for medical treatment which may involve learning relaxation techniques, positive visualisations and to manage and reduce stress or perhaps clients need help to overcome fears and anxiety.


Pregnancy relaxation classes

Maddy teaches self help tools to clients that continue to enhance fertility and maintain the changes they have made. If the couple do conceive they may want support to help carry the baby to full term. If treatment fails Maddy supports the couple through the disappointment and supports them to find a way to move forward.